Our physicians take several factors into consideration when deciding if a person is a candidate for HIFU. These include test results and overall health of the candidate. Our patients and their families are given the knowledge they need to make the best decision for them.

The traditional options for treating prostate cancer are surgery and radiation treatments. Each come with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Every case of prostate cancer is unique. Your physician will work with you and your family to help you decide the best course of action for you.

Many factors, including the size of the prostate gland, go into the time it takes to perform the procedure. However, a typical procedure takes 2 - 4 hours to complete. One of the many advantages of HIFU is that it is a outpatient treatment, meaning you will be discharged the same day as your procedure.

The Gleason Score is determined by the Pathologist by looking at the patient?s biopsy tissue under a microscope. The more active the cancer cells, the higher the Gleason Score. The PSA Score is determined by the lab by analyzing the patient?s blood. The more Prostate cancer fighting antigens in the blood, the higher the PSA Score. Risk Groups: Low ? Gleason Score ≤ 6 & PSA < 10 Intermediate - Gleason Score = 7 & PSA = 10-20 High ? Gleason Score ≥ 8 & PSA > 20

Yes, and we want your companion to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible while the procedure is taking place. They will be provided with a comfortable waiting area in which to relax while the procedure is taking place. As part of Our Personal Care Advantage, we will provide lunch for your companion, as well as anything else they may need to feel at ease while the treatment is taking place.

Your Personal Care Advocate, who is with you every step of the way, will work with you to schedule a follow up appointment with your Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) physician approximately 7-14 days after the procedure. At that time, your trans-urethral or supra-pubic catheter will be removed. Your COUG physician will discuss any possible post-procedure side effects with you and what to do should those occur.

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